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Before physical therapy school, I always had a calling to create a path in my life that would lead to helping others and creating a positive impact. Initially, I had chosen a career path in Psychology and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Upon completion, I felt there was more I could do with the knowledge of psychology that I had, and how that could  help people at an even greater scale. This is where I then put my love for fitness, sports, and the movement systems together with the urge to help others and applied to PT school. I wanted to contribute to the change that I wanted to see in medicine and help people live better and healthier lives. Time and time again, I kept seeing these cookie cutter treatments, and wanted to develop a more patient centered, and goal-oriented holistic approach to care. Therefore, I chose UVM because I felt their program captured many of the aspects I hoped to achieve applying to school. My goal as a future practicing clinician is to continue growing and learning so that I can give my patients the care that they deserve.

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